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Travel & Co-Existing with the Coronavirus

travelafter5_travel & co-existing with coronavirus
Thankfully it seems the worst of the new coronavirus pandemic is behind us in Europe. But until we have a vaccine, it’s undeniable that we’ll need to adopt a new normal. It’s still too early to know what exactly that’s gonna be like, but we can always plan for open-dated trips, as well as feeding the wanderlust bug a controlled diet of short day-trips around our homes, even within our cities. 😉 With this in mind, Travel After 5 is back. ????

An important point here is that although many of us are understandably starting to chafe at the prospect of borders reopening, we must be responsible. We will need to co-exist with the new coronavirus for the foreseeable future. So for now, we should keep air travel limited to the absolutely necessary. As a result, the focus here will be small trips starting from some of the biggest European cities, as well as publishing the timelessly useful 101 guides.

While doing so, never forget to follow the protocols and instructions of the World Health Organization and local health authorities.

Let’s take this reopening slowly so we don’t need to be deprived again of what we love most!

Stay safe, everyone!


Read here a summary of important info and useful links during the pandemic: (Not) Traveling During the Covid-19 Outbreak.

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