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Rathausplatz, Melk, Austria, by Travel After 5
Austria Vienna Wachau Valley

Day-Trip to Melk, Lower Austria

The town of Melk, in Lower Austria, is mostly known for its homonym great baroque Benedictine monastery. The town was first mentioned on historical records in 831 and received market rights in 1227. Walking around the city center, you'll…

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Austria Vienna

10 Reasons Why Vienna Makes a Terrible City Trip

Why You Should Never Visit Vienna In a continent with such countries as Italy, France, Germany, why would anyone even pay any attention to Austria? Yes, it was the capital of the Habsburg and Austro-Hungarian Empire, but who cares?…

Vienna 101: Arriving & Getting Around
101 Austria Vienna

Vienna 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Vienna still boasts much of the grandeur from its time as the capital of the Austrian Empire. Regarded as the City of Music, it’s the world capital of classical music and the birthplace of Mozart, Schubert, and Strauss. Its history…