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Munich: New Transport Tariff System

I have previously written about getting around Munich. But the city is updating its tariff system in order to simplify it. Below I highlight what changes in practice for you. As of December 2019, the new Munich tariff system…

Germany Munich

Munich: Top 10 Attractions Tips & Tricks

Deciding on what to see and do – and what must wait for another visit – consumes the thoughts of any prospective visitor. To help you make up your mind and save time whenever possible, here’s what you must…

Residenz Hall Munich Bavaria Germany
Germany Munich

Bavaria 14-day Ticket: Is it worth it?

When planning your visit to Munich, you will realize its Top Attractions do not sell their tickets online. However, the Bavarian Palace Department sells a 14-days and annual season ticket, which are available on their online shop. Note, however,…