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travelafter5_travel & co-existing with coronavirus
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Travel & Co-Existing with the Coronavirus

Thankfully it seems the worst of the new coronavirus pandemic is behind us in Europe. But until we have a vaccine, it’s undeniable that we’ll need to adopt a new normal. It’s still too early to know what exactly…

travelafter5_Not Traveling During Covid19
General Advice

(Not) Traveling During the COVID-19 Outbreak

I have been wondering how to go forward with this blog amid the Covid-19 outbreak. Ultimately, out of respect for everyone affected, I will pause posting until we have a semblance of “normal life” again. That does not mean…

Travel After 5_Don't Be That Person_Flying Edition
General Advice

Don’t Be That Person: Flying Edition

Trust me: no one likes that person. Who is that person in an airport/plane? Best way to describe them is literally translating an Italian idiom: it’s a person who is in the middle of the balls. Easily identifiable, impatiently…