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(Not) Traveling During the COVID-19 Outbreak

travelafter5_Not Traveling During Covid19
I have been wondering how to go forward with this blog amid the Covid-19 outbreak. Ultimately, out of respect for everyone affected, I will pause posting until we have a semblance of “normal life” again. That does not mean we must stop day-dreaming or even planning open-dated trips. But Travel After 5 is committed to not helping the travel bug feel hungry during these difficult times.

Travel After 5 urges everyone to be responsible and avoid travel at all costs! Follow the protocols and instructions of the World Health Organization and your local health authorities. The longer people fight against social distancing, the longer and tighter governments will be obliged to impose restrictions due to Covid-19.

Since it’s never too much to remind everyone of proper hygiene precautions — not only during viruses outbreaks! — spread these far and wide:

Finally, don’t succumb to panic. Make sure you are following reputable news. Social media is a breeding ground for fake information, so take everything with a grain of salt. With the Covid-19 being such a hot topic, there’s way too much false and even dangerous information going around. So make sure to do your part by correcting what you know to be false by offering reputable sources.

Here are some useful links:

WHO main page for Coronavirus information:


Let’s take this time to reflect and work together so we can be back doing what we love most!

Stay safe, everyone. See you soon!

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