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Mini-Review: The New York Palace Budapest

New York Palace Budapest

New York Palace Budapest *****

Good hotel experiences can be broken down into four elements, and in my personal order of importance:

  1. cleanliness,
  2. location,
  3. structure/comfort, and
  4. service/staff.

For this first hotel mini-review, I choose a great first-time experience I had this summer: the New York Palace Budapest.

Disclaimer: this is an honest and personal review of my stay, as a regular paying customer, not a sponsored partnership.


Spotlessly clean.


Its location is extremely practical, next to M2 Blaha Lujza tér, between Keleti and Deák Ferenc tér. So if you arrive by international train or with the express bus from the airport, it's super convenient.

Important to notice, however, is that this is only 1 stop (roughly 1km) away from Keleti, so although practical and safe, it's not the most beautiful surroundings.

Structure & Comfort

Budapest is a place with such an abundance of accommodation, that combined with overall lower costs than the western European capitals, make this the perfect place to splurge a little.

With what you typically spend in a nice 3-star (perhaps 4, with luck) hotel in a big capital, you can treat yourself to some serious pampering here. Even breakfast is glamorous, served in the famous New York Café, a landmark in itself.

This is a 5-star hotel, so you can expect impeccable structure and the comforts typical of such a level of accommodation. Also an indoor pool, great for recharging the batteries after a day of sightseeing.

New York Palace Budapest
Service & Staff Friendliness

Impeccably friendly, from the reception desk to the breakfast waiters.


I couldn't think of anything negative to say, which is a great sign. Absolutely recommended and became my reference for trips to Budapest. Thumbs up ????


Do you also take advantage of cheaper cities to splurge a little? Any other recommendation for treating yourself in Budapest? Comment below and let me know!


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