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10 Simple Ways To Make Frequent-Flying Easier


Admittedly most people (including me!) would love to see progress being made on those teleportation machines. But until that happens, we’ll still need to deal with airports and all the unpleasantness that comes with flying. But when you are frequent-flying, all the annoying and uncomfortable details will be screaming at you.

That’s why you need good and as effortless as possible measures in place to make the constant moving run smoothly. Here’s a kit you must have ready-to-go at all times and leading up to your trip to make your frequent-flying easier:


1. Have your own good-quality 4-wheeled cabin-sized suitcase

For your own security, don’t borrow suitcases. It may be economical, but the moment you check-in, you also take responsibility for the contents of the suitcase you carry. And you can never know what could have passed through or God-knows-what could remain there.

Another reason is so you can keep your essentials at hand at all times. And there’s no “at hand” place more convenient than inside the suitcase, even in between trips. That will save you precious packing time.

2. Keep your toiletry kit always ready to go

If you are always on the run, chances are that you don’t have much time to pack either. But even if you do, why lose time with this? Whether you are a man or a woman, whatever your true essentials are, keep them ready to go.

If your products come in Airport Security approved sizes, buy double. If not, get yourself good quality containers (I recommend silicone), fill them up again when you unpack and keep them in your luggage or at hand.

Quick reminder of the TSA and EU luggage rules.

3. Have your own (noise-canceling) headphones

Even if they provide earphones on long-distance flights, they are uncomfortable, horrible quality and not necessarily new, you know? The mere thought of earphones previously used by strangers is sickening, so make sure you always have yours.

Bonus points if they are noise-canceling and foldable, so they don’t take up precious hand-luggage space when not worn.

4. Keep a stocked e-reader

Although I still prefer good ol’ paper books, I have to admit my Kindle is a God-send. Having the possibility to keep thousands of books in a small device with a battery that lasts forever? That means guaranteed entertainment. Make sure it has a background light.

You could also download the Kindle app for your phone but you wouldn’t be saving its battery 😉

5. Have a comfortable resting mini-kit

If you have proper neck support and a cozy eye-mask you are halfway guaranteed a good rest. In my experience, high-quality memory foam makes for the best neck pillows but a twistable one does its job just as well. Complete it with a contouring eye-mask to block light without pressuring your eyeballs or ruining your makeup and you’re golden.

6. Potentialize your accessories

In normal life, I carry neither a selfie stick nor a mini-tripod, but those are things I don’t want to forget when I’m exploring a new location. That said, a simple way to unburden your suitcase is to maximize the potential of everything you carry. That means getting a selfie-stick that has a built-in mini-tripod and remote clicker, all-in-one. And an “octopus” mini-tripod that you can hang around instead of a full and space-eating real tripod.

And don’t forget a cables bag for your phone charger and miscellaneous cables and adapters.


7. Collect your passport/id and passes in one place

Being an expat, I do need my passport from time to time, which prevents it living inside my suitcase. But ideally, have a wallet (or similar) where you can keep your passport, as well as boarding passes. Yes, save them on your phone, but keep a printed copy at hand in case your battery dies.

8. Plan transportation at destination

How will you leave the airport? If you have a couple of options and will decide upon the time of arrival, download whatever apps might make it easier to purchase your tickets later. If you know you’ll take the train, purchase your ticket in advance. Just quickly research your options and make a decision. Our Guides 101 are super helpful for this.

10 Simple Ways to Make Frequent-Flying Easier
9. Download Netflix shows to watch offline

If you download the Netflix app to your phone, tablet or laptop, you can download movies or series episodes to watch offline. They do have a limit, but it should be enough to guarantee several hours of distraction. Be warned that downloads also expire, so the ideal time to do this is some days leading up to your travel.

10. Have snacks at hand

Up to a couple of days before flying, get ahold of some of your favorite snacks. You never know when you will have to run or even face an unexpectedly long queue. Onboard snacks tend to be expensive and not good, so have some backup mini-muffins or madeleines, whatever strikes your fancy. Remember: no liquids through security.

These simple and effortless measures will take off much of the unpleasantness involved with being always on the road. So practice until it’s second nature to you. Happy travels!

Did I miss anything? What other tricks do you have to make frequent-flying easier? Comment below.

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  • Reply
    November 6, 2018 at 17:55

    We also take our own snacks to go for a flight!! The snacks on board are awful most of the time.
    We also take a bottle of wine or bubbles in our checked in suitcase so we can start enjoying the holiday as soon as we arrive.

    • Reply
      November 7, 2018 at 09:47

      Even in the airport terminal, more often than not you don’t have many great choices, especially past security. In Vienna, I love getting a slice of pizza from Jamie’s Deli in Term 3. But if I’m flying from Term 1, it’s all terrible for my taste. So carrying snacks it is! :p
      And great idea with the booze, I had never considered… but deff will now!!!lol

  • Reply
    Fabiola Huiting
    September 9, 2019 at 14:52

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