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Travel After 5_Don't Be That Person_Flying Edition
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Don’t Be That Person: Flying Edition

Trust me: no one likes that person. Who is that person in an airport/plane? Best way to describe them is literally translating an Italian idiom: it’s a person who is in the middle of the balls. Easily identifiable, impatiently…

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How To Travel More in 2019

I'm sure this is among your wishes for the new year... Now it's time for taking it off the paper. Start planning as early as possible and there will be plenty of opportunities to travel more in 2019. First…

Looking back on 2018
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Looking Back on 2018

Happy New Year!!! ???? Kicking off the 2019 posts, a look-back to 2018 and all the trips I managed to pull off while holding a full-time job in Vienna. If I can do it, you can do it too! WINTER…