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Canal Grande @ Venice
101 Italy Northern Italy Venice

Venice 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Venice… what can I say? Yes, it’s super touristy, overcrowded, overpriced… But it’s still worth a visit! With the historical Republic of Venice lasting for more than a millennium (697-1797), La Serenissima is steeped in history and culture, in…

Skyline @ Florence, Tuscany, Italy
101 Florence Italy Northern Italy

Florence 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Florence is the capital of the region of Tuscany. Considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, some of its greatest artists lived and worked here, like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and many others. Formerly an important political, trade, and…

Travel After 5_Munich New Tariff System
101 Germany Munich

Munich: New Transport Tariff System

I have previously written about getting around Munich. But the city is updating its tariff system in order to simplify it. Below I highlight what changes in practice for you. As of December 2019, the new Munich tariff system…

Bratislava 101: Arriving & Getting Around, by Travel After 5
101 Bratislava Slovakia

Bratislava 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and the only national capital bordering on two other sovereign states: Austria and Hungary. Settled on the banks of the Danube and with a tumultuous geopolitical past, it is now the economic and…

Tram, Duomo, Milan, Italy
101 Italy Milan Northern Italy

Milan: New Transport Tariff System

I have previously written about getting around Milan. Although the premise that time-based tickets are good deals still stands, it’s not as dirt cheap as it was. Since July 2019, there have been a few changes and, unfortunately, a…

Athens 101: Arriving & Getting Around, by Travel After 5
101 Athens Greece

Athens 101: Arriving & Getting Around

The Greek capital is one of the oldest cities in the world, populated for more than 9 millennia. Many of the democratic ideas so standard to us today were born in Classical Athens, earning its title of Cradle of…

Travel After 5_Larnaca 101_cover
101 Cyprus Larnaca

Larnaca 101: Arriving & Getting Around

The area of today’s Larnaca has been populated since the 13th century BC. Over the centuries the great powers of the Mediterranean have colonized it. Nowadays, the Greek Orthodox heritage is still the most prominent, with a marked internationalization of…

Prague 101: Arriving & Getting Around, by Travel After 5
101 Czechia Prague

Prague 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Prague is the capital of Czechia, as well as the historical capital of Bohemia. Its rich history includes being the main residence of several Holy Roman Emperors and an important city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Consequently, Prague has been…

Brussels 101_Grand Place_Travel After 5
101 Belgium Brussels

Brussels 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Brussels has its origin from a fortified tower built around 979 on the Saint-Géry Island, in the river Senne. Nowadays, it is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium and of the European Union. It combines modern with historical…

Vienna 101: Arriving & Getting Around
101 Austria Vienna

Vienna 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Vienna still boasts much of the grandeur from its time as the capital of the Austrian Empire. Regarded as the City of Music, it’s the world capital of classical music and the birthplace of Mozart, Schubert, and Strauss. Its history…