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Travel More in 2021, by Travel After 5
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How To Travel More in 2023

Now that it feels like the pandemic is truly behind us, it’s time to plan a travelful new year! After a hiatus due to personal reasons, I figure this is the best kind of comeback post 🙂 And with…

Helsinki, Finland
101 Finland Helsinki

Helsinki 101: Arriving & Getting Around

The Finnish capital is made up of the Vironniemi peninsula and 315 islands. Its origins go back to 1550, when King Gustav I of Sweden established a trading town to rival modern-day Tallinn. It has close historical ties not…

Parliament @ Bucharest, Romania
101 Bucharest Romania

Bucharest 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and is somewhat young by European standards. It was first mentioned in 1459 and became the residence of Vlad III the Impaler. Settled on the banks of the Dâmbovița River and with a…

Douro River @ Porto, Portugal
101 Porto Portugal

Porto 101: Arriving & Getting Around

Portugal's second-largest urban area, located along the Douro River, dates back to 300BC and has a rich history, from being an important commercial port during the Roman Empire occupation and passing through a period of Moorish rule before being…

Travel More in 2021, by Travel After 5
>Resources General Advice

How To Travel More in 2021

After the challenging 2020 we’ve all had, there are many of us who are itching to get back to traveling… This year I’m skipping the ‘Looking Back’ post to close the year, as it’s been a total fail in…