About Me

Hi, my name’s Alline and I'm crazy about traveling. Very cliché, yes, but very true. I moved across the planet from Rio de Janeiro to Vienna and one of my main reasons was to travel more.

Currently, I travel abroad roughly every month. During spring/summer, this average multiplies.

That said, I do work a traditional 9-to-5 corporate job (with no plans to give up) so reconciling both is second nature and a life priority.

Here I will be sharing how I manage to pull it off and how you can do the same. But first, I’ll tell you how it all started…


Woman throwing coin at Fontana di Trevi, Italy
Fontana di Trevi wishes really do come true.

Eurotrip 2007

It was the very first time I’d be going on an international trip. As a matter of fact, even the first time I got on an airplane. A German family friend offered his apartment in Munich to my parents. On a random weekend, on the balcony of our home in Rio, they asked me “Would you like to go to Germany for your next Uni break?”

It literally fell from the sky when I least expected it… I had spent years asking to travel, to do an exchange program but my super protective parents never accepted the idea of letting me stay with an unknown family in a foreign country. At that point, though, I was attending college, 21 years old and my answer was an unequivocal: “Of course!”

This was February and I had 4 months until the trip of my life and I had to move fast. I invited a friend to come along. What started as a 50-day stay in and around Munich quickly turned into a Eurotrip. We bought 30-day Global Eurail passes and started planning. Few occasions in my life got me that pumped.

We soon realized just the Eurail pass would not be enough to cover our must-see places. So we incorporated some flights and settled on a 20-day-long “circle” covering 6 countries plus some shorter trips until the end of the pass, covering further 2 countries.

Although he first time in Europe for both of us, we did 100% of the planning and bookings by ourselves. And I never stopped. It’s been more than 10 years, some screw-ups along the way (obviously lol) and now I’m gonna share everything I learned. Don’t start an Eurotrip before reading and feel free to drop a message!